Low Cost Library Learning

I’m playing with a loosely classical- based schedule of free and low cost resources for families who are “college bound”.

There are several other good, useful programs/ schedules for those who want to use only texts that are free, such as Ambleside and Freely Educate.

However, I haven’t found anything for those who want low cost items but find out-of-date texts or a particular religious point of view to be unacceptable.

I like to surf through different free resource pages, but often don’t use what I find. I thought I would schedule some of my best finds into a coherent whole.

Here’s the link for my work in progress. Let me know if I’ve missed anything I should include, or if anything is unclear. I would love to make this a Wiki for others can contribute- Any ideas how to go about it?

Low Cost K-12 College Bound


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