Googling Books

I have several “Googled” books on my list. I thought I would dump them into one post and explain how I use them. I have played with and rejected the most recently introduced e readers, since most of what we use is in PDF form, so does not display well on the smaller screens. One of my older kids has a tablet computer, which I played with and found underwhelming. So I print. I have a source of free three-ring binders, watch for super sales on paper, and use a Brother printer that takes toner. I figure my cost per hundred pages is around $2- $2.50.
I did have a saved google book “disappear”, so if I find something I really think I will use, I save it as a .pdf to a flash drive. To do that, you need to follow the prompts to read on your device. When I print, I use toner saving mode, print on both sides of a page, and set my page up to “fit to width”. It makes for nice, large text for my student. I only print a month out at a time, so if I find a reader I like better, I’m not losing lots of pages. The old readers have stories and poems from the most popular authors of the time, and include James Whitcomb Riley and Longfellow. If you were inclined to do so, you could build your own readers and composition books by mixing and matching.
If you have an .epub file you want to print, it can be printed from Adobe Digital Editions, which is a free download.

Google books listed on my schedule:

Third Reader, Wheeler

Elementary Speller, Wheeler (good for memory work, spelling and copy work)    

Wheeler Graded Studies in English (to follow Elementary Speller) 

Wheeler Fourth Reader

Math for Littles


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