Great Books On Our Own

Great Books

I like the idea of doing “Great Books”, but don’t want to write my own from scratch. I’ve got a kiddo who doesn’t quite fit most programs (and doesn’t like online classes), but I’ve been able to use my co-op classes and tutoring students as guinea pigs for my literature adventures.

I wrote the following “great books” plan for my youngest child, using resources I mostly have already taught or already own (or have available at my local library). I think it needs a little more India, China and Japan, but I can add those if we do a senior year.

By age, my kiddo is in sixth grade, but academically she’s advance, so I decided to plan the history and literature with the knowledge she may graduate after 11th. If she doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll have an opinion about what she wants to cover.

It’s likely most of the “honors” Excellence in Literature books will be covered with audio books. My daughter does quite a bit of independent history reading, so I just need to put a framework into place.

Hope this is useful.




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