Library Learning Updated

What have I changed since I’ve posted my original Library Learning book list? I wanted to report back, since I’ve put this out into the world.

As a student, I had the World’s Most Useless Spelling Program. I didn’t understand how bad it was until I found a copy recently in a used book store. It was worse than I remember. This has caused a bit of a spelling obsession with me in our homeschool. I’ve settled on one I like. We are using this spelling book “sequential spelling” style (daily spelling bee on a whiteboard, with missed words repeated daily until correct):  Eye and Ear Speller

We like Serl’s Primary Language Lessons, but have started using it mostly for the memory work. I’ve added in a workbook to increase my kiddos direct Language Arts instruction: Flash Forward Language Arts . These are cheap,  (around $5 in store with an educators discount card) and only available through Barnes and Noble. I bought a different grade than our official grade- it would be worth browsing through them if you have a Barnes and Noble nearby. The grade 5 book is a cheap and systematic way to move a kid into more writing, without overkill or busy work. If you wanted a workbook for spelling, the Flash Forward books looked useful.

We added an Intellgo Unit Study for our state: Intellego Explore the States.

We did a Darwin Beagle Trip study similar to the Ambleside Online’s Marco Polo Study. We did Marco Polo, too. We’ve regularly raided the library biography section for books from our time period.

We use this as our timeline The Timeline of World History.  I wish I could find a link with a photo. We found ours at a Half Price Books. We write directly on the pages, and it is useful for big picture history, as well as a keepsake. We are always making connections, then heading to the library for more bunny trails.

We’ve dropped Learnables for our foreign Language. It was okay, and we already had it, but dd killed the drive on the computer were were using it on. We have access to Mango from a library, and added in Memoria Press’s French: First Start French for explicit grammar and vocabulary, along with index card “flash cards” in a recipe box that we create as we go along. We’ve used the free resources listed in my side links extensively, and it has helped with “hearing” if something doesn’t sound correct. We’ve also checked out lots of language materials from our library.

Finally, as time goes on, we’ve dropped more and more of the content that came from Ambleside online. We keep returning to our favorite book list: Excellence in Reading Book List. If my dd has doubts about a book, I show it to her on “The List”, and she’s convinced it’s worth her time. We trust “The List.” Most of the books are incorporated into the Library Learning schedule.

We are using Math Mammoth. She does not “love” it. She does it independently- “Go away, Mom”. To me, that is success. I hope Maria is able to write grade 7 before we get there. It’s going to be close. If not, we likely will use the old Grade 6, add in Hands-On Equations, then head into Algebra.

Good luck and happy reading!


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