Booklist instead of Curriculum: Fool’s Errand?

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It’s time for me to pay forward. I’ve had lots of help, suggestions and support from fellow home educators. I created the above attached document- book check list really- as a map for us. I wanted it to be “out there” for other parents. I don’t intend to post much to this blog, although may use the blog itself as a personal dashboard of links I don’t want to lose or resources I don’t want to forget. They are here to share. I hope it is useful to someone.

Book lists are inherently a fool’s errand, but here is my criteria:
I tried to focus on living books. The selections I put on this list are largely free, inexpensive second-hand, or widely available at most libraries. When there were exceptions to this criteria, I tried to list a free alternative. This eliminated some home educator favorites because they are not available in most libraries or inexpensively second-hand. I didn’t list authors, but there are links at the bottom where authors can be located. Here on the right side of the blog, I’ve linked resources used in the book list, as well as other useful resources. Most of what is there is free. We are about midway through this, so the resources in E and F have been previewed, but not used by us. I’m still searching for modern living books for some levels of Science.

There are no grade levels. Each column is roughly a school year equivalent. You’ll notice that B starts about early mid elementary. Before then, many kids learn more quickly without the constraints lots of reading and writing placed on them. Little people lack fine motor skills, even if they are smarty pants. According to my kids’ optometrist, 5-6 year-old kids are far-sighted at a higher rate than older children, making reading more difficult.

This book list is for sharing, changing, making your own. Although the final product is my work, the source materials are gathered from a number of other places.

This book list is secular. I don’t believe it contains anything offensive, but preview the science materials if you want a religious perspective. The alternative link for the free history in F would need modified.

Book lists are one-dimensional, by nature. Homeschooling and children are three-dimensional. The best parts of home education is the three-dimensional stuff; museums, galleries, bookstores, parks, theaters, nature preserves, the beach, your house of worship…. life.




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2 responses to “Booklist instead of Curriculum: Fool’s Errand?

  1. I love how you say that book lists are one dimensional and children and those activities are three dimensional. That’s great! Thanks for including a file of your plans. It’s what I do too — put resources in posts in case someone else can use them. 🙂 Happy Homeschooling!

  2. Thanks. Just looking into CM/AO and, among other things, the Eurocentrism, covert racism and religious majority privilege in many of the recommended texts are problematic, to say the least. Thanks for your work!

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