Language Arts Resources I Like

Literature and Literary Analysis

Susan Wise Bauer’s words of wisdom:

Literary Analysis from Well Trained Mind

Printable pages (below) I made to facilitate Bauer’s ideas. All of these reference Well-Trained-Mind methods. They are most effective if you have read the book.

Literature Conversation Prompts

Weekly Language Arts Scheduling Sheet

Weekly Classical Schedule All Subjects

Vertical Weekly Classical Schedule


This grading rubric is a helpful tool for grading student essays:

Essay Rubric from Read Write Think

Below is a link to Mensa’s Excellence in Reading list. You don’t need to have a gifted student to use this list. It is especially useful for an advanced reader who requires advanced books, but not mature themes.

I like this list because the books at the lower levels introduce complexity missing from much children’s literature and historical fiction. A student who has read (and enjoyed) the Wind in the Willows in elementary will be better prepared to read and analyze Don Quixote in high school.

It also is a handy back up for when your child has read all of the books you planned for the school year. And it’s still September.

Excellence in Reading


Reading literature and learning Latin (and possibly Greek) are fantastic vocabulary builders. I particularly like The Big Book of Lively Latin during middle grades for it’s ease of use, flexibility, vocabulary building, and grammar integration.

Using a list like the one linked below is a great vocabulary jump start to accompany the study of Latin and Greek roots:

MCT’s 100 Classic Words

I like the four-square method of systematically learning vocabulary words from a list. Below is a link to a graphic organizer and a description for using it:

Four Square Vocabulary Sheet


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